Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello, Les Deux is one week old!

We at Les Deux would like to thank to those who have supported us on our first week in business on the internet. Without your feedbacks and those late-night chats on Facebook and Shoutbox, we won't be having 12 followers in 7 days. We won't be having a Facebook account with 92 friends (and counting) and 18 fans (and counting) on our page (become a fan here!) if it isn't for you guys out there. We would like to shout out especially to Lomographers out there because you're the biggest fan base of Les Deux. From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you.

To show how happy we are with such positive feedback, we have added another categories exclusively for Lomo to those Lomo-holics out there. Yup, that's right. We have modified the Lomo Camera categories and added extra stuff like camera accessories, keychains, books and frames for your analogue pleasure. Lomographers, rejoice!