Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello, welcome to the all-new Les Deux !

It's been half a year we've been operating Les Deux and we decided to change our look and feel of the website. Not just that, we have new things lining up for our customers.

We have new slide films for you. Enough for all of you to load them on your camera or keep them as your own stock. Besides that, we have a new addition for all you Russian camera lovers. Yup, we are now take orders for any Russian cameras you could dream of.

We are also operating new service which is develop and scan service. So to those who have trouble finding store that can't develop or scan or both for your films, you can just give us a shout out and we'll do it for you. Enough of that. Take your time, look around and tell us what you think of our new website. We'd love to hear what you'd say! :)