Thursday, September 23, 2010

Online Film Processing Service

Send in your films to us for processing and scanning!

35mm - RM7/roll (normal & cross-process)
120mm - RM8/roll (normal & cross-process)

Normal Scan
- RM6/roll for both 35mm and 120mm format
- RM5/roll (2nd roll onwards)

Sprocket Scanning
- RM8/roll
- RM7/roll (2nd roll onwards)

Burn into CD - RM1
Burn into pendrive or own CD - no extra charges

*To those who wish to send us your CD, we advice you to send either a CD-RW or DVD-RW so next time you can send us the same CD. MiniDisc are welcome too.

Method of Delivery
Postage :
Registered mail : RM3 (1-5 rolls)
PosLaju : RM6 (6-20 Rolls)
Cash on Delivery (COD) - FREE (Port Dickson area)

Film Processing Steps:
1. Please fill in the Online Photo Services Form. Click here!
2. Confirmation email will be replied within 24 hours. Postage and payment details will be provided in the e-mail.
3. Feel free to choose any method of delivery (poslaju, snail mail or registered mail) that you prefer to send your films to us.
4. And don't forget to let us know once you have made the payment.
5. Once we have process the films, we will let you know the date that we will send out your films.
6. We will post your films via registered mail with tracking number provided. We prefer registered mail due to security and also to cut down on cost.

Cross processing (sometimes abbreviated to Xpro) is the procedure of deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. The effect was discovered independently by many different photographers often by mistake in the days of C-22 and E-4. The process is seen most often in fashion advertising and band photography, and in more recent years has become associated with the lo-fi photography movement.

Cross processing usually involves one of the two following methods:
* Processing positive color reversal film in C-41 chemicals, resulting in a negative image on a colorless base
* Processing negative color print film in E-6 chemicals, resulting in a positive image but with the orange base of a normally processed color negative

Online Film Processing Services FAQ:

* All shipping and postage fees to be paid by the buyer.
* This is the best price that we can offer in order to give you the most affordable price. Therefore, price is non-negotiable.
* We can even process only 1 roll of film but in order to feel the effectiveness of affordable prices of our service, it is recommended for you to send more than one films.
* We will not responsible for any lost or damage during shipping.